Cat Facts Part 3

Miscellaneous Cat Facts Part 3

A cat’s heart beats twice as fast as a human heart, at 110 to 140 beats per minute and it’s normal body temperature is 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This is slightly warmer than a humans.

If your cat scratches up valuable furniture, tape balloons to it. The cat will never scratch there again.

It is often reported that cats cannot taste sweet flavors. Actually, they can sense sweetness, but do not have much interest in sugary things. What is particularly interesting about their sense of taste, is that they have a special taste for the flavor of water, which we humans cannot taste.

If you need to give liquid medicine to a cat, don’t try to feed it to the cat. This would only result in a battle. Instead, spill the medicine on the kitty’s fur. The cat will lick it off in the process of cleaning.

When a cat turns around and around before laying down, this is an instinct left over from the days when they slept in tall grass. The turning action pushed the grass down into a nest.

The Cat Flap was invented by Sir Isaac Newton. It has been reported that he found that his cat was breaking his “think time” when it wanted to be let out. To stop this and to let Sir Isaac concentrate he devised a system which the cat could use to come in and out. There was a hole in the door big enough for the cat to fit through with a flap to stop the rain and bad weather coming into his house.

The domestic cat is the only cat species able to hold its tail vertically while walking. All wild cats hold their tails horizontally or tucked between their legs while walking.

Cats get their sense of security from your voice. Talk to your cats! And be mindful of your tone of voice. Cats know when you’re yelling at them (though they may not care). The more cats are spoken to, the more they will speak to you.

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