Cat Facts Part 2

Miscellaneous Cat Facts Part 2

British cat owners spend roughly 550 million pounds a year on cat food. Americans spend almost 3 billion dollars a year on food for their cats, yet, for comparison, America spends only 700 million dollars on drug prevention and treatment programs.

Cats lack a true collarbone. Because of this, cats can generally squeeze their bodies through any space they can get their heads through. You may have seen a cat testing the size of an opening by careful measurement with the head

A man named Sir Henry Wyat was sentenced to the Tower of London, at a time when prisoners generally starved to death. Sir Henry’s cat seemed to understand the situation because she snuck into the Tower bringing him a freshly-killed pigeon every day. When the king heard of this, he must have felt sad for the cat, because he immediately set Sir Henry free.

On February 28, 1 980 a female cat climbed 70 feet up the sheer pebble-dash outside wall of a block of flats in Bradford, Yorkshire and took refuge in the roof space. She had been frightened by a dog.

On September 6,1950, a four-month-old kitten belonging to Josephine Aufdenblatten of Geneva, Switzerland followed a group of climbers to the top of the 14,691 -ft. Matterhorn in the Alps.

Cats tend not to walk on aluminum foil. This is good to know when you are trying to protect something that your cat would tend to walk on such as a part-done jigsaw puzzle.

 Cats’ whiskers have a function similar to those curb feelers which were so common on cars in the 1950’s. When a cat looks into a small tunnel or opening in the bushes, the whiskers are used to gauge the dimensions. If the opening doesn’t rub the whiskers, the cat’s body will fit through.

Why are cats so meticulous about keeping clean? They lick off all blood and odor-causing matter to prevent attracting flies and bigger predators that would be interested in the odor of blood. Also the less scent that they give off the better they will be at hunting as their prey will not be able to smell them.


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