10 Disadvantages Of Owning A Cat

I have covered the advantages of owning a cat here, so here are some disadvantages to owning that furry critter of your dreams.

  1. Cats are very picky eaters. You can try every cat food on the market to find out that they preferred the first brand that you tried!
  2. Your cat will follow you everywhere, never expect to visit the bathroom on your own ever again!
  3. Cats hate water but will sit on the edge of the bath watching you. They are making sure nothing bad happens to you when in the dangerous water. 
  4. Always watch where you are walking when barefoot. There is nothing worse than treading in cat sick, as it oozes between the toes!
  5. After point number 4, there is one thing worse than treading in cat sick – treading in cat poo! Always turn on the light and watch your steps.
  6. Cats use a litter tray to go to the toilet indoors. Be warned cat poo is the worst smelling substance known to man. Be safe and wear a nose clip when cleaning the litter tray!
  7. If your cat goes outside, they will feel obliged to bring in presents. There is some discussion about why they do this. Some say, it’s to show their love for you, and, some say that they look on you as a baby and are trying to teach you how to hunt.  Beware for that mouse or bird left on the floor somewhere. 
  8. A cat will always decide to be sick when you are either – in a hurry to go somewhere, or, your favourite program has just reached an interesting point.  
  9. You will always have fur on your sofa, bed, clothes. Get used to it!
  10. You can never have nice ornaments in your house, as your cat will feel that it is its duty to knock these items off repeatedly until they smash. Then, when they are in bits will sit in the middle licking their paws, admiring their work!

I hope you find this file information useful

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