If I fitz, I sitz!

Have ever noticed that animals always sit or should I say fit in places they should not. If I fitz, I sitz

Cats Love Boxes

It doesn’t matter if it’s a matchbox or an extremely large box. Cats always want to explore their new present. Especially when you do not want them too!

We had a cat called Jack whose favourite box was a Coca-Cola Eight pack. As he became larger than a kitten it became more and more difficult for him to fitz into the box. Of course, this became more and more hilarious for those watching.

Gosh, we really miss that cat, he was very special. One of his favourite games was playing fetch. I would throw one of his favourite toys and he would diligently retrieve it and drop it at my feet. He will play this until well after I got fed up playing. Even when I sat down on the couch he would still drop the ball my feet. Another of his favourite pastimes was climbing underneath the rug turning upside down and running around under the rug. It made us laugh so much we nearly cried. It was like moles had gone crazy bonkers. He would appear from under the rug just looking at us with those innocent eyes. Unfortunately, one of the rugs was in our bedroom. So at stupid o’clock in the morning we would hear this bizarre noise. It took us quite a while to realise it was Jack on one of his crazy rug expeditions. We never did quite work out why he did this. Maybe, because it just made him smile to see the confused look on our faces.

So our cats do the fitz in the box thing, please let us know if yours does. Simply leave a comment below.

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