The 10 Catmandments

The 10 cat commandments also known as the Catmandments

As all human cat slaves will know, looking after a cat needs you to understand a number of rules. We call these the 10 Catmandments of feline husbandry.


They are:

I am the lord of the house.

Thou shalt have no other pets before me.

Thou shalt not ever ignore me.

I shall ignore thou when I feel like it.

Thou shalt be grateful that I even give thou the time of day.

Remember my food dish and keep it full.

Thou shalt spend most of thy money on toys and gifts for me.

Thou shalt always have thy lap ready for me to curl up in.

Thou shalt shower me with love and attention upon demand.

Above all, thou shalt do anything it takes to keep me happy.

If you follow these basic rules, you can increase you and your cats happiness.

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