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Meet The UKMadCats – Overview

As you have probably guessed, we here at Siliconhell HQ are definitely a cat household. We currently have 2 furry Over Lords managing over the human residents. This page is about getting to know them and their very different personalities. I have included all the cats that we have looked after that inspired me to create UKMadcat.

Jack – June 2000 – October 2008

We got Jack from a  local rescue shelter in September 2000. He was 3 months old. He was the original Madcat that inspired me to create our original website and MadCat diaries that were all about Jack and his daily antics. He loved playing fetch, and when fed up he would eat the wool ball to end the game!!! He loved playing under our rugs throughout the house and he made us laugh daily. Unfortunately he contracted FIV at around 18 months old, and his life changed. He wasn no longer allowed outside, so he did not infect other cats in the area. He was often ill with small ailments fro having a weakened immune system. He lost his fight to FIV in October 2008. He is still greatly missed. 

Ozzy – May 2007 – September 2018

Ozzy was found in a local park as a kitten. He was a big cat, but scared of everything. He loved to play, eat and sleep. 

Tigger – February 2007 – May 2017

Tigger was handed in to my vet with a bad case of cat flu. He was a cheeky cat, who loved to be mischievious.  He was always in some sort of bother!


Pepe is 6 years old.  As he grew he became a bit of a bully to the other cats and therefore became the Boss. He is starting to be nicer to the others, but still swipes an unexpected paw as they pass from time to time!


B.B has just turned 4. He is an outside cat and spends the majority of his time in the orchard behind our house. He comes home to sleep and eat, so here he is in is favourite place! 

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