Safe And Toxic Household Items

There are many items in our cupboards which are toxic to cats should they be ingested. These items should be kept away from our cats, and if out and being used should be kept with the lid on. This is important as your cat may be put through unnecessary distress and maybe death if they stumble across an open bottle. A few summers ago, we were having the front of our house painted and our front door polished and waxed. The decorator used a small tin to keep the wax in and then the paint. Whilst he went to his van, Tigger found the small pot and licked from it. He came inside howling and foaming brown foam from the mouth. I rushed him to the vets, where he was found to have chemical burns down his throat and stomach from the mixture and he was very unwell.

Should your cat ingest something nasty, take them to the vet immediately and if possible take the bottles of the substance they have eaten so the vet knows which chemicals have been eaten.


acetaminophen (Tylenol) fungicides paint
antifreeze furniture polish paint remover
aspirin gasoline bleach hair coloring
photographic developers boric acid herbicides
pine-oil disinfectants brake fluid insecticides
rubbing alcohol carburetor cleaner kerosene
de-icers for melting snow dandruff shampoo laxatives
shoe polish deodorizers lye
snail, slug or bug bait diet pills matches
suntan lotion with cocoa butter disinfectants metal polish
drain cleaner mineral sprits turpentine
dry-cleaning fluid mothballs windshield-washer fluid
dye nail polish wood preservatives
fire-extinguisher foam nail-polish remover


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